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34. Faith – Votiivi ships of Finland

The ship shown here is in the old church of Porvoo, a medieval town from the 14th century, on the southern coast of Finland, 30 miles east of Helsinki.   Its style is a Hansakogg ship from the 16th century. These … Continue reading

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29 Stacked High

29 Stacked High

Forgive me for 2 posts on one topic, but I feel the detail is needed. Buttons on display in Helsinki. They are in plastic tubes with screw-on tops and are extremely well organized.

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17. In a Row

17.  In a Row

Grocery shopping in Helsinki – that was my destination in August. It’s fun seeing the bright colored carts all lined up. Things are pretty high tech – 25 cent Euro must be paid to get a cart and comes back when you return it, much like some of our airports with luggage carts. And parking is usually in an underground garage, so you come down a slanted escalator WITH YOUR GROCERY CART to get to your car. It’s a bit like DisneyWorld. The colors and alignment helped me choose the topic for this week.

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35. Not My Mother Tongue – Part 2

The funniest thing was watching American TV shows on the airplane with foreign captions.    It was really funny after my second glass of wine and some jet lag!

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35. Not My Mother Tongue – Part 1

This is another clue for my recent destination.  What do you think of the amount of letters in each word?

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4. Wrinkles

This is a huge metal sculpture in the airport when I arrived overseas.  Immense yet peaceful to view.  Notice the size of the seats below.  The next post will reveal more about my destination.    Look at it in full screen!!

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