17. In a Row

17.  In a Row

Grocery shopping in Helsinki – that was my destination in August. It’s fun seeing the bright colored carts all lined up. Things are pretty high tech – 25 cent Euro must be paid to get a cart and comes back when you return it, much like some of our airports with luggage carts. And parking is usually in an underground garage, so you come down a slanted escalator WITH YOUR GROCERY CART to get to your car. It’s a bit like DisneyWorld. The colors and alignment helped me choose the topic for this week.

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10 Responses to 17. In a Row

  1. legdallas says:

    That is very colorful! I like this photo.


  2. ALMOST makes grocery shopping look like fun!!


  3. Nice shot. I have recently read where Publix is going to start charging 25 cents to for using their carts. Maybe that way people will return them in order to get their quarter back … but i doubt it.


  4. You nailed it with this one!! Great depth of field…great colors. Enjoy your trip!


  5. tnwaltz says:

    There must be lots of grocery shoppers in Helsinki from the looks of all the carts. Nice photo.


  6. thegatorgal says:

    Good eye for catching this colorul shot and hooking it up with the theme! Love stuff like this!


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