Starts with an O

The O is for Office – The Doctor’s Office.  A good place to visit whether you feel well or not.  There is “Emergency Care” that includes a Painkiller (dark rum, pineapple, coconut and nutmeg) and “Long Term Care” that is Penicillin (scotch, lemon, ginger honey – my personal favorite).   You will surely book a follow-up appointment!

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Favorite Holiday?

Is this YOUR favorite holiday?     For people living on the canals in Punta Gorda, it definitely seems like it is their favorite time to show off a little!

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Intentional Camera Movement

Intentional Camera Movement

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Part of a Face

Theme:  Part of a Face

It was a pleasure to visit Arona on the coast of Lago Maggiore.  The city has lovely upscale shops, historic churches, and a lovely waterfront where I had lunch with my friend Pirjo.

The most awe-inspiring part of our day there was to visit the statue, Colossus of St. Charles Borromeo, over 30 meters high on the Sacro Monte of San Carlo, considered a symbol of the city.  This is the view from the ground below.

Inside the nearby cathedral, we read about history and saw many photos relating to this dear man.  San Carlo Borromeo was born here in 1538  and in 1565 he became archbishop of Milan, and he gave material and spiritual assistance especially during calamities such as famine and plague. He died in 1584 and was beatified in 1602 and canonized in 1610. Construction was started in 1624 of a sacred hill and also a huge statue visible from Lake Maggiore which celebrates the memory of the saint. It was designed by Giovanni Battista Crespi and was built with copper sheets hammered and assembled with nails and iron rods while the head and hands were made of bronze.



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Theme is Triptych – three related photos shown together.

This is entitled My Dream Boat, and My “Dreamboat”.    Some will understand.




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Rows of…………

If you look closely at the ROWS OF bottles at an outdoor waterfront bar in Arona, Italy, you will see there are no shelves.  Instead they hang from straps that are flexible and allow the barista to serve and the bottle springs back to the desired position.  And a nice American flag as a background.  Click on image for a closer look.

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