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Tiny World

Tiny Girl walks her dogs in a veggie garden on National Dog Day. (click on image to enlarge)   Advertisements

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This is my third year doing the 52-Week Challenge, and I am enjoying it so much.   It has me opening my eyes much more to everything around me, noticing things I haven’t seen before, and sometimes coming up with … Continue reading

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The Eye

I was actually going to do something simple and obvious this time (i.e. needle and thread).  But then the rebel took over.    

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There are laws about photographing money, and I did not break any., although Photoshop refused to open some of the images.    The laws about laundering money are quite different!   Making “dirty money” appear legal (clean) can get you … Continue reading

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A Part of Me

Welcome to the first post for my new 52 Week Challenge.  It also happens to be the first one on the list:  A Part of Me. My Mother purchased this lamp in the 1960’s and cherished it her whole life. … Continue reading

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