Post # 9 – Tools of the Trade

This is appropriately timed, as I am meeting Reijo and Pirjo at Tampa Airport this morning.   I took this photo in July at a lovely local restaurant in Stresa, Italy.  The tools of the trade are the gentle hands of the man who is tending to the flower boxes outside the restaurant.  It takes a real man to have so much pride in an establishment.  Typically the owners, chef and servers are all from the same family, working side by side.  The hour or two spent having a meal and some local wine is always a lovely experience and creates beautiful memories.

2016-09-14_163749 people-last-lunch-in-stresa-img_0416

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3 Responses to Post # 9 – Tools of the Trade

  1. piriot says:

    It was so nice to have Diane in Italy, and notice little things like this, those might have gone unnoticed from me. A big guy and delicte flowers.

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  2. Well spotted. These extra touches make all the difference to a restaurant. You know you will get a good meal where someone takes so much time on the detail. Great shots.

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    • shelby1120 says:

      You are so correct. These little things can make a difference in your attitude and experience even before you enter the establishment. But excellent food and drink really reward the customer too!


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