Post #4 – Starts with a C

Yesterday I went to Tropicana Field with Sue Karski to see the Boston Red Sox play the Rays.  I needed a bunch of photos for my Clichés –  all day you will be thinking of how many apply to baseball games !  But I found my photo for the theme Starts with a C.  A COLA Race.  Diet Pepsi beat Pepsi, and the water bottle was far behind.  I wondered by Beer wasn’t in the race!   There was also a Conference on the Mound when BoSox had bases loaded (or they were discussing where the After Party would be).

DSC_5578 DSC_5606

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9 Responses to Post #4 – Starts with a C

  1. gwong1 says:

    Okay, I will ask, what Cliché’ is this? Gary


  2. A couple of great “C”atches! 😜

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  3. Nice ‘c’hoices.Great sense of action in the 2 images.

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  4. Vincent Veneruso says:

    A bit of a stretch Diane, maybe you should have waited until the Cubs came to town? Okay, I’ll give you this one.

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