I visited Mergozzo, Italy with Pirjo.  It has historic ties to the 1st Century AD.  In the town square is the elm that goes back 5 centuries as deduced from a canvas signed and dated and preserved in the Parrish Church.  The young elm tree is shown on the canvas and was at the center of social and political life.  All decisions of the family heads and edicts of the commune were proclaimed in the shade of its leaves, otherwise they were considered to be invalid.  Today it is included in the list of monumental trees of Piedmont.


Mergozzo IMG_7770


Mergozzo IMG_7762Mergozzo IMG_7793

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6 Responses to Oldtimes

  1. piriot says:

    Very nice Diane!


  2. Patricia Reed says:

    lovely photos and so interesting – love the story of the tree – wow its so gnarled!


  3. Beautiful photos Diane, the tree is amazing.


  4. Really enjoying your photos of your trip. Almost feel as though I was there!

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  5. Sue Karski says:

    Lucky it has not succumbed to elm disease like ours have in New England.


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