Letters stop coming DSCN7751 70 Old Mail Box DSCN5612 selective color 9These are signs that letters are written less often now.  Did you mail any personal cards for the holidays?   Happy New Year!

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18 Responses to Letters

  1. tnwaltz says:

    Isn’t it sad that letters are handwritten less often now?


  2. Sue Karski says:

    wow you found some truly “used” mailboxes, or is that barely used.


  3. Between texts and emails, snail mail is almost a thing of the past…nice photos though!


  4. Great job, wonderful catch for this theme!


  5. piriot says:

    You are right, Diane. People very rarely send letters or postcards any more. It is actually time consuming to find a nice postcard nowadays, and even more cumbersome to find a postoffice. Very few kiosks which sell postcards have stamps. Some of the post-offices have a lot of people waiting for their pension or something, so standing there in a line getting a stamp has become tedious. Now we can communicate with these posts, keep contact with more people, aren’t we lucky?


  6. gwong1 says:

    What about my friendly billers, they never miss a month. 🙂 Nice shots of some well used mailboxes. Gary


  7. preed913 says:

    good choice! – could have been “rusty” too! funnily I’m just thinking of sending a postcard to my grandchildren – yes – only 2 years old but I used to love getting my “own” mail … so I’ll try it for a few years!


  8. I still send postcards when we go away, much to my husband’s annoyance! We still get a few and I pin them on our bathroom noticeboard. I like the rusty mail boxes. I hope they are still used. Well spotted.


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