Common Clichés


And Now DSC_4809 Text too big

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26 Responses to Common Clichés

  1. tnwaltz says:

    Good ones, Diane.


  2. preed913 says:

    very clever! – makes me wonder where these cliches come from in the first place! haha – I just made the mistake of looking that up of Wikipedia and I DID lose my train of thought!!


  3. You’re two cliches ahead of me. Maybe I’m just trite,


  4. gwong1 says:

    Nice job as usual. You know what they say ” Idle hands are the devil’s workshop .” You must be pretty busy. Gary


  5. Too funny! I like your sense of humor.


  6. I’m glad I already posted my ‘Cliche’ post — yours would be a ‘Tough act to follow”!


  7. okarthur says:

    Brilliant!!!… Love it!

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  8. Very creative. And a selfie into the bargain. it gets better and better! It looks like a fun theme. Sadly I have a “blank sheet” but hope it will soon fill up!


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