At a Distance

Everything on the Pacific Coast of Oregon is big!  Rocks, cliffs, beaches for miles, trees.   We were advised to scope out the Portland Women’s Forum, not knowing what that really meant, but the view was worth the long and winding road as we climbed up and up.

Portland Women’s Forum is a group that has been active in the Columbia River Gorge since 1946 for the dissemination of information concerning civic, state, national and international affairs. The founding members recognized that this viewpoint was special and should be saved from private development and shared with visitors forever. The ladies had teas, sales and raised the funds to buy this viewpoint and eventually gifted the property to the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department who now take care of this beautiful spot for all to enjoy.

Portland Womens Forum Park DSC_8024 Portland Womens Forum Park DSC_8029


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17 Responses to At a Distance

  1. Sue Karski says:

    Beautiful view and well worth their effort to save it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Impressive indeed! wonderful vista, great photos


  3. elifamily2 says:

    Beautiful views and how wonderful the women saw the need to preserve the area.


  4. thegatorgal says:

    Leave it to the women!


  5. preed913 says:

    fabulous view! gorgeous … and what a wonderful story! they’d be so pleased so many people are enjoying that wonderful view thanks to them.


  6. stacywhite47 says:

    wow… amazing place!


  7. shelby1120 says:

    Glad you liked it.


  8. gwong1 says:

    This is on my bucket list. Gary


  9. Looks wonderful and great for the theme.


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