Two of Us

First day of our trip to Oregon.  Just the Two of Us in the First Class Lounge at Dallas/Ft Worth Airport.   49 Two of Us 1 Then my first photos on Cannon Beach, finding happy children together.

49 Two of Us 3 49 Two of Us 2

Finally, these two men tried to pick us up!  Notice their wives far in the distance.  The men said their wives walk too fast, and we were slow because we were carrying tripods, setting up for pix, and enjoying the scenery.  Best offer we had that day?

Pick up Men

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12 Responses to Two of Us

  1. Terry says:

    Don’t you love the beaches in Oregon! We were in Cannon Beach a couple of years ago and I took many photos of the Haystack Rock monolyth you show here. Have a fun vacation.


  2. Mindy Towns says:

    Oh my gosh, you two must have had a ball! I can’t wait to see more photos from your big adventure!


  3. preed913 says:

    What a blast you must have had! … Looking forward to the photos! And so great to go with another photographer!


  4. elifamily2 says:

    Great photos, looks like a fun trip!


  5. gwong1 says:

    Well I see some 1st place images in your future. Glad your having fun. Gary


  6. Sue Karski says:

    Looks like you two had a fun time. Good for you. Looking forward for more of the shots.


  7. Marie Lough says:

    great photos – let’s see more of your travels!


  8. Looks like a good trip. I am enjoying reading it altogether. Great pictures of the theme.


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