25 Juxtaposition

Check It Out!   Need I say more?

I hope your New Year is NOT like this!

25 Juxtaposition brighter

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8 Responses to 25 Juxtaposition

  1. U made me smile. Good work!


  2. Mindy Towns says:

    Cool! Tell us more! Where is this?


    • shelby1120 says:

      It is a cool place for adults and kids! Wonder Works, 9067 International Dr, Orlando, Florida 32819
      (407) 351-8800. Once inside, things in the lobby are also upside-down like the building in the photo. Daytime it has interactive activities for kids. But the best part was the Outa Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show! Senior Rate is $16, you get all you can eat pizza, unlimited beer, wine, soda and ice tea. Yes unlimited beer and wine. Let’s make it a LWR event!! Audience members of all ages get involved, and it is clever, funny and amazing. Reservations are a must and if you want to get a seat up close, arrive early. It tons of fun!


  3. Ida McBride says:

    How unusual and fun! 🙂


  4. piriot says:

    Yes, we have seen this. I suppose it is the same one – in Orlando. Quite awesome.


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