Looking Down

This is why you can eat and drink well on vacation in Italy:

Looking Down Pirjo WalkingLots of steps!    Sorrento, Positano, filled with steps.

And across Lago Maggiore from Stresa stands Santa Caterina Monastery, still in use today.  You can sail across the lake and take an elevator to the top of the cliff, or drive all the way around the lake and park at the top, walking down tons of steps.

Looking down Santa Caterina DSC_6945 24

Santa Caterina DSCN2987 detailed

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3 Responses to Looking Down

  1. Sue Karski says:

    I remember Italian stairs – my calves still have not recovered (since 2010) lol


    • Diane Broda says:

      You got it. And I tripped at Dry Creek in April, but the ankle was okay. I worse sneakers most places with steps.

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  2. thegatorgal says:

    I think I should go there! Lovely work.


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