22 One Ringy Dingy

Yet another topic that had me wondering what to seek.    While I was in Tuscany, staying on a hilltop with views of vineyards all around, and the “Tuscan Sun”, I found this interesting object in my room.   I wondered if it was vintage or modern.  Most rooms now have lots of push-buttons, one light to signal messages waiting, shortcuts to housekeeping or the main desk.  This one is very simple.  Alas, I did not even pick up the receiver to see if someone would speak in Italian from the lobby.  And I did not get any phone calls, so there was no Ringy Dingy, but just a peaceful night’s sleep.

Red  Phone Tuscany

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One Response to 22 One Ringy Dingy

  1. tnwaltz says:

    That certainly is a unique telephone but who would want to sit in a hotel room chatting on a phone when beautiful Tuscany surrounds you? Good choice.


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